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When looking to sell your house, potential buyers will be looking closely at many aspects of your property. So, it's crucial to maximize the space in your home by minimizing overall clutter. Decluttering isn’t just about purging your belongings but preparing your home for sale. Buyers want to visualize what they can do with the space. By [...]

Our Design and Staging Skills - Real World - PineHills Remodel

Our DESIGN and STAGING Skills – Real World!  

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Property Subject:  A new construction condo in the PineHills of Plymouth constructed and delivered February 2022.  Designs, approvals and remodeling completed August 2022.

Project Scope:  Post Construction and Closing - a remodeling of the interior of the main living area of the home - the open concept living room / dining room / eat-in [...]

Repurposing an Interesting Piece of Furniture for a Specific Staging Need - part 2

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When we last left off, I was arranging the East Lake pieces in different ways to decide what was the best combination to create the pieces I was looking for.  This post shows my progress on the project since the last post.  There is still more to do but the project is taking shape and should be stylish addition to my upcoming staging project.

Repurposing an Interesting Piece of Furniture for a Specific Staging Need - part 1

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An interior design idea that let's you create a one of a kind piece that could become your next family heirloom.  Perhaps you have a piece of furniture off in the corner of a room that you inherited from a relative - you're afraid to get rid of it but you put it somewhere where you hope it won't be seen.  Take that timeless piece of quality furniture and adapt it into something that enhances your decor and provides a welcome utility to your "today" lifestyle - something you no longer want to keep out of sight but rather make a feature in your home.  Read about my journey in adapting pieces from a collection of vintage EastLake bedroom furniture I found into some cool pieces for your kitchen and beyond and see how I bring them into one of my upcoming staging projects!   

Finding and Refinishing a Great Staging Accent Piece - An Antique Writing Desk

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It's always a great feeling to find that special piece of furniture or design access to highlight a room or area of your home.  Sometimes you search for days on end to find that special piece; sometimes you happen upon one when you least least expect it or just by chance.   In approaching each staging engagement, I like to get to know the space and learn from the property’s biggest advocate, the owner, what makes this property so special to them – learning what makes their house a “home”.  Then I try to find a special something to help bring that story to life whenever possible.  Here's a find that will make the statement I'm looking for in an upcoming listing - from start to finish - with a little DIY - giving new life to a vintage piece!

The Growing Importance and Necessity of Home Staging and Presentation Consulting Services

David S Drinkwater, President, Grand Gables Realty Group, Inc.

The Art of Home Staging and Presentation Consulting have become “big business” in our industry and an essential tool for any successful listing Realtor®.  Grand Gables has been providing Home Staging and Presentation Consulting services for many years – even before the phrase was coined. For many properties, the time we invest into home staging and preparation can be a significant component of the overall time spent on bringing about a successful sale.  If done well, it’s time well invested.  Invariably, home staging and preparation consulting, regardless of the scope, have consistently been winning propositions for the property owner.  Check out this article and those to follow to learn how Grand Gables Realty Group, Inc. can give you an advantage in the market with our services. 

Welcome to Grand Central - Our New Station to Blog About All Things Real Estate!

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Grand Central is our Station with a Platform to Blog about All Things Real Estate.  We look forward to making this the best resource for information about real estate, our local area, and current topics that impact you. Please feel free to comment on our posts if you have questions or reactions to share. If there is anything you'd like to see us write about, we'd love to hear your ideas.  Sign up today and take advantage of receiving announcements when new articles arrive at the Station.   After all, timing could make all the difference to you in making your next connection for success. 

Grand Gables Realty Group Inc. Recaps Sales in Massachusetts South Shore Real Estate Market Homes Selling At or Above $1 Million

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Here is an article posted initially on our former blog platform on Friday, July 29, 2016.  The article recaps market and sales highlights sales on the South Shore of homes transacting at or above $1 Million.  Luxury Real Estate affiliate, Grand Gables Realty Group, Inc. brokered the South Shore region’s highest condominium sale of 2016