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Repurposing an Interesting Piece of Furniture for a Specific Staging Need - part 2

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When we last left off, I was arranging the East Lake pieces in different ways to decide what was the best combination to create the pieces I was looking for.  This post shows my progress on the project since the last post.  There is still more to do but the project is taking shape and should be stylish addition to my upcoming staging project.

Repurposing an Interesting Piece of Furniture for a Specific Staging Need - part 1

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An interior design idea that let's you create a one of a kind piece that could become your next family heirloom.  Perhaps you have a piece of furniture off in the corner of a room that you inherited from a relative - you're afraid to get rid of it but you put it somewhere where you hope it won't be seen.  Take that timeless piece of quality furniture and adapt it into something that enhances your decor and provides a welcome utility to your "today" lifestyle - something you no longer want to keep out of sight but rather make a feature in your home.  Read about my journey in adapting pieces from a collection of vintage EastLake bedroom furniture I found into some cool pieces for your kitchen and beyond and see how I bring them into one of my upcoming staging projects!