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The development of the Internet and Online Marketing has forever changed the way we market property.  No longer is the consumer’s “First Impression” the moment when they arrive at the front door – rather it can happen in the middle of the night in front of a computer terminal.  As a result, our online marketing efforts have to make a positive lasting impression to the consumers long before that consumers actually steps foot on that property.  The quality of photography is much more important than ever.  Good quality and realistic photography can generate interest and engage the consumer to make a call to see the property in person; poor quality photos can end the discussion before it even starts.  High resolution cameras, professional photographers, special lighting, photo editing software, etc. are becoming commonplace among successful listing Realtors®.  However, even the best photography cannot make up for a subject that is, shall we say – “less than photogenic”!  Where a need exists, an opportunity is launched! 

Home Staging and Presentation Consulting have become a major tool in developing a successful home marketing campaign.  Fundamentally, the camera doesn’t lie.  It captures what it sees and unless edited before displaying the photo, you see what the camera saw. Home Staging is the process to dress up a piece of property so that the qualities you are trying to project to the public are illustrated in the best possible way.  Decluttering, renovation, painting, cleaning, lighting, etc. are just some of the steps to consider amending at a property before the furnishings and décor are selected and arranged – only then is the property ready for the eye of the camera … and the consumer.  Consider these steps to be akin to the hair styling, make up, clothing selection and posing each of us anguish over when we try to look our best in front of the camera.  The Art of Home Staging and Presentation Consulting have become “big business” in our industry and an essential tool for any successful listing Realtor®.

Grand Gables has been providing Home Staging and Presentation Consulting services for many years – even before the phrase was coined.  We have advised numerous clients across a wide range of property values and types – strategizing with these homeowners to present their homes in the best possible way for the camera and ultimately for the buyer.  For some, the scope can be as simple as suggestions on decluttering or furniture placement and for others, it can run the gamut from suggested renovations based on a cost/benefit evaluation for return on sale to helping with the selection and coordination of remodeling contractors, guidance and sourcing of furniture and home décor enhancements (purchase or rent) and laying out a design plan and time schedule that brings it all together with that “wow factor”.  We all want our listings to stand out as a value in the marketplace – best that they stand out against the competition in a good way.  For many properties, the time we invest into home staging and preparation can be a significant component of the overall time spent on bringing about a successful sale.  If done well, it’s time well invested.  Invariably, home staging and preparation consulting, regardless of the scope, have consistently been winning propositions for the property owner.

Knowing your audience is a critically important element in creating an effective staging presentation.  In many ways, our strategies are similar to those employed by interior designers and decorators.  As real estate brokers, we are focused on helping you present your home to appeal to the "next owner".  We have experienced first hand the reactions that buyers have when viewing properties for sale. In addition to presenting an in person interior that appeals, we also have to create a positive image to the online audience.  The Internet enables buyers to examine a property's interior through the lens of the camera (the photo gallery) before seeing the property in person.  If we cannot capture their interest with the lens of the camera, we may never get the chance to present the property to them in person. When we create the design, we do what we can to maintain focus on the lens of the camera.  The overall look should appeal to a potential buyer of the property, enabling one to see themselves in the home.  If an interior is too much a reflection of he owner’s personal tastes, it can become an obstruction for a buyer who are trying to envision themselves living there.  Effective staging enables a buyer to see the space and imagine a lifestyle – a well-chosen décor facilitates the imagination as opposed to becoming a stumbling block to seeing beyond the décor and at the intrinsic values of the property and appeal to the buyer.  Our Home Staging and Presentation Consulting Services have been sought after by past clients who rely upon our advice and design aesthetic to help them transform the home they purchased into the home they want to live in.  Many of our clients have sought out our advice and services after the sale - in their new homes and in recommending our services to their friends and family.If you're planning to sell your home, perhaps you'd like to incorporate our Home Staging and Presentation Services in your overall strategy.  We can also discuss what services we could provide if you're just looking to enhance the decor for your enjoyment.  Give is a call and let's discuss how we can help. 

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