Thinking About Selling Your Home?

For over ten years, the Team at Grand Gables Realty Group, Inc. has worked closely with many, many home owners on and around the South Shore to help them successfully prepare, market and sell their properties. While we have the market experience and practical know how to help you with your sale, one of the best ways you can realize a successful outcome is to work closely with us in understanding the local market, its current conditions, dynamics, inventory and how your property compares to those properties that are presently on the market for sale, currently placed under agreement and recently sold.

It is important for you to understand market values and trends before you place your home on the market so that you are prepared to react to offers presented in a timely fashion. There are MANY factors that affect the value of a property - only SOME of these factors are calculable using data that you can find online. Tangible data points, such as the amount of living area in square feet, the number of bedrooms or bath rooms, the age of the home and the amount of land area, can and will be used to assist in the formation of an Opinion of Value. However, there are several other factors ( intangible in nature) which, when compared to those same qualities for recently sold properties, will create comparative values differences between the properties - in some cases, these intangible qualities have far more bearing than the tangible ones in the overall value determination. Some of these intangible qualities include whether the property is a waterfront property, the aesthetic impact of the view offered, traffic volumes on the road, the overall condition of the property, layout of the rooms, easements, utility of the land, proximity to certain amenities and other features, orientation to the sun, architectural style, etc.

Placing a value on a property is not an exact science but rather a form of art that assimilates both tangible and intangible factors together in a way that our experience tells us how a buyer would evaluate such factors in order to estimate the value to them. As they say, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Everyone has their own idea of beauty and of value - it's our job to help you estimate a value that is within the expected range to both attract and encourage buyers to make you an offer.

We are experts in the local market and will guide you through the entire process of selling your property from listing to sale. Our marketing plans assure your property quality exposure and we pride ourselves on personal service. We encourage you to contact our office with your questions and to discuss your individual needs.

In the meantime, this tool below will give you a chance to see what homes have sold for in your area. The search feature is limited in its scope both in terms of geographic distance and time frame of the sales chosen. Sometimes, reaching beyond the immediate radius and stretching the time line of sale will yield a more realistic result.

Give us a call and let us tour your property so that we can give you a more thought-provoked sense of valuation than a simple internet search can provide.