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Grand Gables Realty Group Inc., Seller Check List

When looking to sell your house, potential buyers will be looking closely at many aspects of your property. So, it's crucial to maximize the space in your home by minimizing overall clutter. Decluttering isn’t just about purging your belongings but preparing your home for sale. Buyers want to visualize what they can do with the space. By removing distractions and maximizing usable space, you, can show your house at its best. 

To help, here a checklist of the most important places and items to declutter as you prepare to sell your home.

  • Showcase the Kitchen: Your kitchen is probably one of the most-important places for potential buyers. Even if you have a tiny or outdated kitchen, decluttering can help show it at its best. Keep the countertops clean and clear as much that is practical still realizing that you are living in the home and that it should show that someone is living in the space. In addition, don't forget to clean out the refrigerator, freezer, and the area under the sink.
  • Highlight the Living Room: Next to the kitchen, the living room is often the showcase of the home, so keep it orderly. That means clearing out magazines, editing the bookshelves, and paring down throw pillows and table decor that can make the room feel cluttered and smaller. The right amount of furniture will also help a room look larger.
  • Tidy the Front Yard: Homebuyers often drive through potential neighborhoods before attending open houses or requesting showings. Therefore, it's important to keep your front yard tidy and make a positive first impression.
  • Create a Welcoming Entryway: Much like the front yard, the entryway sets the first impression of your home. Organize the space to create an entrance that draws in potential buyers.
  • Declutter All Rooms: Buyers will want to see inside your garage, closets, and backyard sheds. Make sure your storage rooms look spacious and organized by decluttering and opening as much space as possible.
  • Pump up the bathrooms: Organize your linen closet and minimize personal items that are out on display on vanity countertops (Such as toothbrushes, makeup, etc.) Clear out the excess items in the shower and under the sink. Since they’re inexpensive, buy a new rug and shower curtain to freshen the space.
  • Minimize Tabletop Décor: Less is more when it comes to candles, artwork, and plants. Very few people have the same taste, so, it is best to lean toward neutral, minimal decor.
  • Clean the Laundry Room: The laundry room needs to make a good impression. Ensure all cleaning products are organized, and floors and appliances spotless to create the kind of laundry space prospective buyers will want.

We have many other suggestions that we would love to discuss with you. Reach out to our team today. (Please disregard this invitation to call if you are already working with someone else)